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Front End Engineer / Drummer

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Hi! I'm Jay Chung, a front-end engineer and drummer. I love programming, music, workout, state-of-the-art technology and sharing. Welcome to contact me by email or social media. If you want to know more about latest web technologies like React and JavaScript, check my Github and Twitter; if you want to know more about my life, enjoy my Instagram.

Technical Skills
Technical Skills
Web Development
App Development
Unit Testing
Professional Skills
Professional Skills
I love functional programming! However, object-oriented, imperative or reactive programming will be used for better scenario. Enjoy latest ECMAScript features or TC39 proposals like decorators, class properties, top-level await, pipeline operator or optional chaining.
Web Application Projects
Web Application Projects
Ocean KTV
Your exclusive karaoke system. Enjoy alone or with your friends! QNAP OceanKTV is the first NAS-based karaoke application on the market allowing you to create a quality karaoke experience at home or at work. Store your favorite songs in the QNAP NAS, attach it to a big-screen TV via HDMI, and start singing with OceanKTV!... Show more
DJ2 Live
Private Live Video Streaming and Storage. QNAP DJ2 Live enables private live streaming through QNAP NAS with scalable live streaming to public cloud services (including Facebook, YouTube, and platforms that support RTMP endpoints). It also provides secure storage for videos and broadcasts for later playback, turning a one-time stream into material for multiple utilizations.... Show more
HMVOD (Smart TV ver.)
hmvod offers the latest Hollywood, local and Asian box office hits in HD, plus in-house productions – to satisfy all tastes. And csl users can watch a selection of Hollywood and hmvod’s self-made films every month on an exclusive basis.... Show more
Worry-Free Business Security Services
Block ransomware and targeted attacks with hosted endpoint security for all your devices. Easy to install, simple to use, and won’t slow you down. Efficiently and easily defend against and remediate the most advanced threats with an intuitive cloud-based console that gives you in-depth visibility and control across your entire organization.... Show more
Trend Micro Remote Manager
Trend Micro™ Remote Manager is a unique multi-tenant, cloud-based management console designed for Trend Micro channel partners and managed service providers (MS Ps). Free of charge for registered Trend Micro resellers, Remote Manager provides the ability to oversee a your entire Trend Micro SM B product portfolio for all of your customers from anywhere, anytime.... Show more
Open Source Projects
Open Source Projects
A save reminder component for react router v4+.
Yet another demo for desktop app in tray icon built from Electron
⚛️ Hooks for building fast and extendable tables and datagrids for React
A CLI dashboard for webpack dev server
Vertical timeline for React.js
React Navs component
Use React Patterns To Build Large Scalable App
Use React advanced design patterns to build or refactor components, including Container Component Pattern, Compound Component Pattern, Higher Order Component Pattern, and the Render Props Pattern which is the most popular pattern in this year.... Show more
Rollup v.s Webpack: shallowly compare ES6 bundlers
Rollup and Webpack are undoubtedly two of most popular JavaScript bundlers, and both of them have main features like tree shaking, code splitting and more. They have much in common but with suttle differences. This talk will do the shallow comparison between them.... Show more
Enhance React App with Higher Order Component
Writing codes without mindset is a mess. Use one of React advanced patterns to enhance your code base by Higher Order Component. Higher Order Component, a.k.a HOC, is an abstraction layer to reuse your business logic, and it's a better way to hide and transform imperative codes into more declarive component API. This talk will gives you the pros and cons by using HOC.... Show more
Use JavaScript to write desktop apps by Electron
When it comes to desktop application programming, you may think of C# for Windows, Objective-C or Swift for Mac OS. Instead of the-above language, you can use pure JavaScript and Web technologies likes HTML and CSS to develop desktop apps by using Electron.... Show more
What is software testing in Front-end world?
Software testing plays an important role in project lifecycle for validation phase, including unit testing, integration testing and end-to-end testing. This sharing will puts more emphasis on front-end projects according to my experiences, and other popular JavaScript testing libraries or frameworks.... Show more
Let's make a better React Form component
Use Higher-order-component and Render props to separate complicated validation logics from the UI components and make them to be more pure, simpler and easier to test. In addition, I will show you some validation utilities and popular libraries like Formik, Redux Form or React Final Form that are exactly good at using those design patterns.... Show more
Work Experience & Education
Work Experience & Education